The Schumann Resonance & Ascension

Hello Kindred Spirits, Soul Mates and Resonant Beings! Welcome to today’s transmission! Today we are talking about the Schumann Resonance Frequency ~ what they are, its recent activity, what you may be experiencing and exploring what it may mean.On the surface it may not seem very “woo woo” at all, but when we start talking about the implications it will get a little esoteric. A few things first… then we will get to the main topic!
This subject matter is a high vibration topic! You may find it hard to follow or understand. This is not because you are not smart enough or intelligent.You may find you check out completely, go unconscious, or feel the sudden need to pass out or take a nap.Not because you are tired or bored.Have you have ever been to church, or a presentation, or a meditation class and looked around the room and seen people with nap neck ~ actually asleep in the first 5 minutes? It’s the same reason.When the vibration of a topic is really high, and when we ‘match’ that high frequency in order to absorb it or understand the material, we pop out of our bodies. That is a big reason why people have a hard time meditating – because they “fall asleep.”That is called transmediumship.Your consciousness travels in and out of your body all the time… during meditation, when you dream, when you are driving in your car, when you are mindlessly going about your day….This is a whole topic all until itself… but I bring it up now because this topic is going to have a lot of white, intense energy, which can cause you to slip out.


Take a moment, kick off your shoes, and plant your feet on the floor. I invite you to closed your eyes for a moment.

Feel the ground beneath your feet, find that connection to earth.

Take a nice deep breath.

Now, imagine your Crown Chakra. The whole area on top of your head… your halo.

You may see it as a flower with petals, or a disk of energy with rays, or a vortex. Maybe you can see a color. If you don’t automatically see or feel a color, I want you to ask “what color are you right now crown chakra?”… and wait for an answer.


Ok… so now… I invite you to add an earthy color to your crown chakra.

YES! You can do that! We want to help it stay grounded.

So for instance… My crown is a bright, lemon yellow right now, which can easily slip into that high white space. So, I am going to add some swamp green to it.

I do this whenever I start feeling a migraine coming on. I cool down that hot, white vibe.

So pick a color: Brown, Swamp or forest green, Rust. Whatever color feels grounded and earthy to you. And put a little hat of that color on your crown.


Also, I want you to put a protection symbol in front of you. I use a Rose, because that’s what I learned at Berkeley Psychic Institute. A rose is a nice neutral symbol ~ not a lot of religious or dogmatic energy about it. But you can use whatever kind of neutral symbol you want.

Allow the information we talk about here to go into the symbol — not into your crown. I want you to look at it, rather than absorb it. It will keep you neutral and help you stay present.


So yesterday I asked everybody: Have you been experiencing any or all of these symptoms in a more dramatic way in 2017?

Inability to relax?

Difficulty sleeping or insomnia?

Inability to get out of bed, or wanting to sleep all day?

Attention deficit or lack of focus?

Memory issues… especially short-term, what did I do yesterday type of memory?

Lack of drive or enthusiasm?

Physical sensations such as humming or vibrating inside your body?

Increased anxiety?

Difficulty breathing, or chest constriction?

Agitation, easily irritated, easily provoked to anger?

Digestion issues: binge eating or no appetite, constipation or diarrhea?

A sharp pain/ache in solar plexus or stomach?

Muscle spasms or random twitching, vibrations or humming in your extremities?

A swing from one symptom to its opposite for no apparent reason?


So I want to talk about the Schumann Resonances, and explore why I think they are involved in these experiences, and what this could possibly mean. Also, I would like to say – I do not have the answer. Not even for myself yet. And my answers for me, when I get them, may be completely different for you.


When I was 18, I joined the US Air Force. After I did all their tests, they put me in Intelligence. Specifically, I was an electronic intelligence analyst.

And what I did–which is not the top-secret part of it–was analyze frequencies, and figure out what they are.

For instance, things transmit frequency, and things absorb/tune into frequency, like a radio tower. A radio tower transmits 1000’s of frequencies, with information on them. You tune your radio to a specific frequency and, voila, the information arrives to you.

Airports… hospitals… radars… missile sites… equipment…. transmit frequency, and we (Air Force) captured it, then I measured it and determined what it was. We don’t want to send out fighter planes into missile areas, and we don’t want them blowing up a hospitals and schools.

That was my job then…. reading frequency… analyzing and identifying it, and translating to who needed to know.

That is what I do now as an intuitive.


Our bodies antennas ~ transmitters and absorbers of frequency. My body is tuned into a specific frequency oscillation that is called Shannan. This frequency oscillation is known in religion/spirituality, as spirit.

We also transmit frequency: our feelings, our vibes, our thoughts, out into the world. And others feel and intuit them, although we may not be conscious of this or know how to interpret the signals.

As fleshy, organic frequency antennas… things affect us on an energetic, frequency level.


Just look at the Full moon. People think it is just a myth that the full moon causes ‘craziness.’ But think about it. The moon in its various phases creates a gravitation pull, that pull affects water and the tides. Our bodies are 70% water, so that pull affects our bodies, our brain, and our emotions.

Many other things that transmit frequency can affect our frequency; cell phones, televisions, electronic devices, microwaves, wind… The quality of information, and the “tone” of the information you absorb; news, movies, Facebook statuses. If you are not guarding your resonant frequency, and consciously choosing who you are and what you are transmitting, eventually you can get spun, lose touch, even become physically and mentally ill.


An important part of our grounding into our bodies, into the physical realm, here on Earth, is the Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz.

The Earth carries a negative charge and the ionosphere surrounding our planet is positive charged. So there is always an electric tension with in the space between.


This tension is discharged when thunder and lightning storms develop.

The inside of the ionosphere layer is used in wireless information transfer to bounce off radio waves emitted by transmitters on the earth’s surface. In this way the information can be transferred over large distances.

The physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla first experimented with this by creating artificial lightning. These lightning flashes also produced radio waves. Due to their extremely low-frequency these waves could penetrate the earth without resistance and thereby Tesla discovered the resonance frequency of the earth. Unfortunately Tesla was before his time and his discoveries were not taken seriously.

It wasn’t until German physicist Winfred Schumann, came along in the early 1960’s was the first accurate measurements of the electromagnetic frequencies of the Earths atmosphere. He measured resonances at around 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 hertz, with a daily variation of about ± 0.5 hertz.


The base frequency 7.83Hz is called the “earth’s heartbeat.”

Indian rishis call this sound “OM.”

For thousands of years…maybe millions… maybe since Earth’s beginnings… This 7.83 Hz has been the grounding core frequency of our planet.

Our bodies, our brain, our DNA, is calibrated to and dependent on this frequency.

Space shuttles and stations have frequency generators on them, transmitting 7.83 Hz, so astronauts can stay in tune with this frequency, for their health and well-being.

There is also a direct relationship between the resonant frequencies and our brain wave activity.



On February 9, 2017, the resonant frequencies spiked. This wasn’t the first time.

Note there can be daily fluctuations, and increase or decrease of the frequencies depending on solar activity and UV radiation, but these are only =/- .5Hz

But in June 2014 monitors at the Russian Space Observing System showed a sudden spike in activity to around 8.5 Hz.

And then in 2015, they spiked from the 7.83 to the 15-20 hz range.

But the most recent spike, on February 9th, the base frequency spiked to the 30+ hz range AND it lasted for over 3 days!

Boy did I feel it!

And I know I am not the only one. Take a look at those symptoms again, and see if you don’t remember being really ‘off’ that week.

In fact, on this day, 350 pilot whales beached themselves in New Zealand. Because the frequency shifted, the magnetics of the Earth probably fluctuated and this affected whale’s navigation skills.


Are all the symptoms I mentioned earlier, related to something going on with the frequencies of the planet?

If our brains and consciousness are affected by the frequency of the planet, and the planet’s accelerate, what happens?

Do we become more agitated? Irrational? Volatile?

A very disturbing phenomena I noticed was an increase in people dying. During this week, and the week that followed, I know at least 10 people who transitioned out of their bodies. These people were not at their healthiest, but they were not on death’s door. So their passings were shocking.

Another weird thing about that ~ all the people I know that died, were women. This wouldn’t be because women are weak, but because they are sensitive to higher frequency and are natural transmediums. The female body is a vessel.  They build new bodies within them, and channel new beings with different frequencies through them.

Did these women I knew, match the higher frequency and have a hard time maintaining connection in their bodies?

I know that’s really woo-woo right there.


Is the Earth responding to our accelerated, frantic vibrations or are we responding to hers?

You have to admit, we are living in some really crazy times right now. As one person said to me yesterday, “It’s like we are waking up into a different reality every day.”

Are the “powers that be” taking advantage of these fluctuations and triggering us? Are we being manipulated to keep us agitated, off-balance, and in conflict?


When the Earth accelerates like that, are we supposed to match it? OR should we try to maintain our calibration at 7.83 mhz?

Is this a part of the ascension process?

Ascension is not enlightenment. Enlightenment is when the consciousness achieves and maintains a high state of vibration… but you do not die. Jesus and Buddha are examples of enlightened beings who stayed physical.

Ascension is when the body rises in frequency so fast that it disappears from reality ~without dying. Yes. No you see me, no you don’t. The physical dematerializes from 3D. An example is when Jesus died during the crucifixion, then resurrected from death 3 days later, then ascended fully alive from this reality.

Prophesies say this could happen to us. This may be what the Bible and Christians call ‘The Rapture.” And maybe ‘the meek ones’ who stay grounded in frequency are the ones who inherit the Earth.



Like I said earlier, my answers ~ when I get them because I am still experimenting~ may be different from yours.

I will say, I have been experiementing. I have been grounding more. I have been playing a recording of 7.83hz while I sleep, and have been feeling more balanced and conscious and in control of my vibration because of it.

But I also trust Mother Earth, and if she is birthing us to a new frequency reality, I definitely want to take that trip.


I would love to hear your experiences and what you think may be going on with us. So drop me a line, or comment on this post!

Whatever you decide, to match or to ground, remember it is your frequency… it is your experience! Enjoy!

In Love & Light, Shannan Sinclair.

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