The Reasons You Are Seeing 11:11

Is 11:11 trying to catch your attention?

You, or someone close to you might be seeing 11:11 or other number sequences such as 11, 411, 222, 444,  555 frequently.

11:11 picture1Seeing the number 11:11 is a widespread metaphysical phenomenon that has been happening frequently to people all across the globe during this millennium, especially in recent times.

​11:11 appears  on its own accord, not when you are looking for it.

There are different ways to interpret what 11 :11 means.

Have a look at the various possible interpretations below, and see what calls to you and pulls to your heart and soul. Trust your own intuition, stay open, enjoy the magic and synchronicity of it  and enjoy the celestial ride. But moreover, be in the ‘moment’ when it occurs.


A Sign of the Times 11:11 photo3

Everything is energy and earth is a conscious, sentient being, as are we. 11:11 is a sign of the times, quite LITERALLY. It is a way-shower that we are entering a new reality on earth – that time is speeding up, that we are accelerating into a higher consciousness.

It is a signal that it is a new earth we are birthing, especially since the great shifts in energy we have been experiencing, as prophecized with regard to the sacred date of December 21st, 2012 (which is an 11 date numerologically).

Having said that though, some people were seeing 11:11 before 2012 (including myself), and it was especially happening in the lead up to the date of 11.11.2011 where some ​spiritually-oriented felt the call to meditate or meet together in sacred, global gatherings.

Earth is shifting and we are moving into a new reality, and many people are conscious of this on some level.

​11:11 is all about evolution. It is a dimensional sign of our changing times, and it signals that you also are in at one with this shift, and a part of all of this change. It is like a powerful transmission of higher peace and light energy.


You are in a Period of CHANGE

11:11 usually comes at a time of change. 11:11 photo4Something within you or around you is shifting. ​It is a wave of energy surging through every fiber and molecule of your being, that comes during a period of metamorphosis in your life.

​Maybe you are in a phase of upliftment, inspiration and enlightenment; or perhaps it is a cycle of pain, purging and upheaval. Whatever process you are going through, know that the universe is speaking to you and supporting you from a higher level.

​If you’ve been seeing 11:11 for quite some time, think about just how much you have evolved since you first started seeing it – you might just freak yourself out when you take a look back!


Your Angels & Guides are Communicating with You

11:11 photo5One of the main reasons that 11:11 happens is your angels and spiritual guides showing you that they are listening and trying to communicate. It is common for your spiritual team and the higher realms to use signs and numbers to catch your human attention.

​It is a reminder that they hear your prayers and are watching over you. They are weaving meaning into the numbers as a visual frame of reference for you. It is as good a proof as you will get that there is more to life than we might assume, and in truth that we are not alone.

The universe is communicating with you and showing you that you are on the right track – that you are going in the direction, or that what you are thinking or planning is perfect!

​When you see 11:11 your intuition is opening up. Take a moment to put pen to paper and write down any thoughts, feelings or impressions that come to you. You are receiving an energetic ‘download’ and have extra impetus to receive channeled information and messages from your angels and guides.

​​Enjoy the Divine inspiration and insight that comes your way, and trust in the guidance that you receive.


The Power of Synchronicity

11:11 photo21

11:11 is a Master Teacher and way-shower of the power of synchronicity.

​It shows us that the greater universe and cosmos is aware, alive, breathing and listening. It helps us see that there is something more beyond the veils or ordinary perception, and that we are all a part of a highly complex, mysterious and mystical unified field, every atom within and around us inter-connected and woven into the womb and fabric of the infinite multiverse.

Synchronicities, which are meaningful, co-inciding events, suggest something more is at play, that we are not alone, and that there is more than just the physical level of human design.




11:11 photo611:11 as an Energetic Doorway / Portal


​​”1111 is a crack between worlds.” – Uri Geller

The number 11 represents a gateway like a kind of inter-dimensional portal allowing us to instantly expand into a higher consciousness. ​It acts as a channel from which you can access a higher wisdom.

​It can also be seen as two pillars of high vibrational light forming a bridge between the worlds and thus connecting heaven and earth – “As above, so below”. At that suspended moment in time, we are one.


The Two Pillars of 11

11:11 photo7Like dual shafts of Salt & Pepper, the number 11, with the two one’s side by side, visually appears as two colossal pillars, or stark, bold posts that candidly mark their stoic presence. The beaming pillars suggest the feeling of both marking and guarding an ‘entranceway’.

In this way also the two poles of 11 can be seen is a symbol of both duality and enlightenment.

​In relation to duality, the two pillars are representative of two polarizing aspects or forces that when mastered, result in mental transmutation known as sacred alchemy or Divine magic. ​To understand this concept further, read my article on the Universal Law of Polarity.



11:11 as an Activation Code

11:11 photo8
Paranormal investigators, mystics and spiritually developing people alike theorize 11:11 to be a kind of activation code or signal if you will. It is thought to be a celestial trigger that activates something within you.

When you see 11:11 and are fully in the moment, you can literally feels its higher vibration. To an energetically sensitive or open person, it can feel like being suspended in an enlightening moment of time. Intuitive people will sense that there is a heightened sense of awareness or something greater being shown or activated.

11:11 photo18I have been seeing 11:11 constantly during the last decade or so while I have been going through a heightened period of psychic development and spiritual awakening.

Years ago, I awoke in the middle of the night with intuitive wisdom trying to get my attention. I was receiving channeled information that the number 11:11 is a gateway of consciousness.


“Gateway of Consciousness.” 11:11 photo9

​Those were the exact words I received. I began to understand that 11:11 is an:
​ awakening frequency or consciousness code trying to get our attention.

It is by no coincidence that we are seeing this number. It is a mesmerizing sign from the universe, intelligently designed as part of the awakening process, and it is a signpost that stops us in our tracks. It acts as a kind of timeless moment and cosmic catalyst that sparks and ignites a higher power within us that is connected to a wider field of energetic reality.


11:11 activates your ‘I AM’ PRESENCE.

11:11 photo10​At the very moment that 11:11 enigmatically calls your attention, it is like something compels you to look up or to the side, or to check your phone. You don’t even need to know the time, but you are nudged or pulled to see the digital clock, and there before you, 11:11 beams like a cosmic signal!

​It acts as a kind of triggered reminder of our infinite connection with Spirit and how powerful the universe works behind the scenes. It is a captured moment of time wherein Divine synchronicity and magic is manifested. It is about spiritual attunement and metamorphosis.​


Seeing the number 11 awakens your consciousness by unlocking your 11:11 subconscious mind. It draws your attention to synchronicity and reminds you of your spiritual origins and the greater cosmic reality out of the ‘norm’ of this world.

​I suggest that when you see 11:11, take a moment to expand your consciousness – open up your energy and awareness and allow yourself to receive light codes and activations. Like a momentary mystic meditation, you become a medium between the worlds. Allow for truth and answers to be revealed. Prayerfully focus on peace, love and unity for all. ​


11:11 photo12Some could say that 11:11 is a computer code, which would fit the physics notion that we live in a holographic, computer simulated universe where all is but a binary code (of 1s and 0s). ​

​On some level our brains could be receiving, processing and interpreting encrypted data, electronic language or highly intelligent codes that are being sent to us. 1 is said to be like an ‘on’ switch, whereas 0 is ‘off’. Having four 1’s aligned together is like an alarm signal beaming that At the very least, 11:11 reminds us of the immense power and ability in the hidden depths of our brains.

It is like you are tapping into encoded memories 11:11 photo12embedded in the cellular memory your DNA, such as when you experience during moments of psychic flashes or dejavu. Some say it is like a pre-programmed code from behind the scenes, or even something put into place before we were born. It is only now that the codes are activating, and so we are beginning to have heightened experiences with number synchronicity.

​Some even say that 11:11 is like a ‘glitch’ in the matrix. ​



Frequencies of Light11:11 photo13

11:11 is like a broadcast signal. It is a cosmic transmission of light. See the 11:11 gateway as a powerful portal of pillars facing up to the higher spiritual realms and God Source, and allowing in a streaming of light codes and frequencies.

​11:11 links the upper realms with earth, and your lower human self with your higher self. It connects you to higher universal energy, the Divine, God, crystalline consciousness, whatever you want to call it, it is in essence the higher intelligent mind of All.

​It is a Divine reminder that there is light amongst all the darkness.

11:11 photoDuring 11:11 take a moment to breathe, go within, drop into your heart, open yourself up. Allow yourself to receive.

If you can (and no one is looking), actually open up your arms and palms to the angels and higher celestial realms.

Be ready to receive and fully visualize yourself absorbing higher frequencies of light all throughout your physical and energetic bodies.



A Call to Lightworkers


11:11 photo13You are most likely seeing 11 repeatedly because you are waking up to your soul contract as a lightworker, starseed, indigo, crystal, empath, earthangel, psychic sensitive or way-shower.

In other words, you have come to earth with a specific mission to awaken and help others in some way. You most likely have a generous heart and an open and growing sensitivity to energy.

But this does not need to be the case with everyone. 11:11 photo14

At the very least, it is a wake up call for your soul to arise and smell the roses – ​take the breath of life in an aware, conscious way.


​There is more to reality than meets the mortal eye.

11:11 is a timeless moment, a cosmic signpost
triggering you to “Remember Who You Are”
​on a deeper soul level.

11:11 photo22You are being called to get to work, walk in to your soul purpose, and activate your individual “gifts,” which the angels say are: (channeled) “arising from the ethers and embers.” ​

The angels say: “It is time!” They also say: “Start doing what it is you came here to do.” ​Again, this is all a part of the Awakening process, but it is not applicable to all, as we are each on our own journey, with our own destiny in this lifetime to fulfil. ​


Looking at 11:11 Numerologically

11:11 can be looked at numerologically, which is the esoteric science that states that each number has 11:11 photo15its own unique vibration and meaning.

​Let’s begin at the basic repeated number that forms the building blocks of 11:11 – and that is the number 1.

​1 is about Self and the I AM presence. It reminds us of the Prime Creator and inspires you to awaken your individual gifts and talents and become an independent leader. It is also about action, mind over matter and new beginnings.


11:11 photo15The 1 card in Tarot is the Magician – he is the powerful manipulator of energy. He is an alchemist in touch with higher knowledge and all the elements.

​1 is all about being an independent leader, master and manifestor, tapping into the universal laws and one’s Divine will. It activates yourself as a Creator being. So it sends a message to your subconscious mind to apply your will.

​1 asks you to establish a firm and solid intentions that are aligned with your Higher Self which is calling you. For your soul is connected to the higher wisdom of unity consciousness which we are all a part of. ​

Now let’s look at the number 11. 11 is known to be a powerful Master Number. It is highly spiritual and intuitive, and very connected to the subconscious mind. 11:11 photo16

​It speaks of being a highly attuned visionary. It’s message could well be that it is time to put your visions of a grander scale into action.

When you look at 11:11, you can see that it is four one’s lined up together.

Having more than one number repeated signifies that the energetic vibration of that number is amplified. This means a more intensified magnetization of that particular frequency.




11:11 photo16The Master Number 11 when doubled (as 11:11 is) becomes Master Number 22, otherwise nicknamed led the Master Builder.

When you add up the individual numbers, it adds up to 4. ​4 is a number of building solid foundations, working hard and getting organized. ​4 is also a number that asks you to be a learner and a teacher, and to use your experience to build something.

11:11 could be asking you to open up, learn what you can and align with your higher life purpose. Get out there and teach others what you know.

​In Tarot 4 is the Emperor, who is grounded and strong. He is the archetype of the heavenly father, or the king of the kingdom. His male principle is active, intelligent and commanding. He builds upon strong foundations.


There are other interesting mathematical findings about the number 1111.

If you times 811 by itself (11 x 11), you reach the number 1234321 which is very interesting, as if you 11:11 photo17apply that vertically as building blocks, you get the triangular form of a pyramid.

​Also, if you convert 11 to a binary, you get 3, and 3 represents the trinity, which is also symbolized in sacred geometry as a triangle – so you there you have the pyramid shape again. So this again showcases 11 as a sacred number.

​11 x 3 = 33, which is a Master Number in Numerology (as is the number 11), but also a number associated negatively in the occult through its use in freemasonry. ​


11:11 photo1811:11 as an Angel Number

Doreen Virtue, who wrote the book Angel Numbers, links any variation of the number 1 (such as 1,11,111,1111) as signifying the importance to watch your thoughts and keep them positive (rather than negative), because they are quite literally manifesting into physical form.

​This means that anything that you are thinking of has the strong likelihood to happen due to the power of the Law of Attraction which draws things to us like a magnet through the focus of our mind.

​This is why many people see 11:11 as an open doorway that acts as a kind of powerful manifestation portal, a heightened opportunity in order to create your reality.


11:11 as a Manifestation Portal

Many people believe that 11:11 is a Divine moment of time where the universe is opening up its gates and allowing you to manifest your desires. That is also connected to the angel number interpretation mentioned above to watch your thoughts as they are manifesting rapidly.

11:11 photo18Any time you see the number 11:11, know that you are in sync with the law of attraction. With all the 1 numbers in the combination, it is like an instant, powerful and doubled gateway being opened up for a short moment of time to manifest your desires rapidly.

​Use the power of the universe to consciously guide and direct your thoughts towards positive change. It is a reminder that you can consciously create your desired reality, and that your thoughts matter because energy follows thought.

​ Its about mindfully putting your attention and intention into positive thoughts about what you wish to bring forward and create in your life.

Do keep in mind that this does not mean getting greedy and manifesting materialistic items like a 11:11 phto19house or a million dollars. It is more about aligning with your Higher Self which is calling you to step into your life purpose and higher destiny. It is about mindfully creating your reality and asking you walk through that open doorway and step upon a higher and more divinely connected platform.


​When you see 11:11, think about what is it that you have recently been desiring, or thinking / praying about, as this could be your sign that the universe is indeed listening and that your spiritual team is there behind the scenes hearing and answering your call.


Interesting Well Known Events with the Time / Date 11 or11:11

11:11 photo20In Australia (and I think New Zealand too), ‘Remembrance Day’ (also known as Anzac Day) is commemorated at exactly 11:00am where the whole nation has a moment of silence for 1 minute, to pay respect to all soldiers lost during World War 1. This is because on 11th November ) the 11th month), so 11/11 in 1918, guns finally fell silent after over 4 years of nonstop warfare. The war officially stopped at 11am.

​The Berlin wall came down on 11th of the 11th, (11 Nov) 1989.​
​On 11 Aug 1999 (whose numbers numerologically add to 11), at 11:11am, there was a total solar eclipse. In fact that was quite a time of deep revelation, awakening and change.

It is interesting to note that 11:11pm is the exact time of the winter solstice.

Also, at precisely 11:11am on the Solstice of 21st December 2012 (whose numbers all numerologically11:11 photo21 add up to 11) is when there was a galactical alignment between earth, the sun and the Milky Way. To read about the 2012 Prophecies as a sign of the changing times, see my article here.

​Solar cycles, otherwise known as sun spot cycles, happen every 11 years. Sun spots are areas of the sun where the solar magnetic field is extra strong.



Funnily enough, yet not surprisingly, just as I finished writing this, I looked at the time of a recording I was switching off, and it said 11:11!!! When I updated the article several years later, upon finishing I ‘just happened’ to glance at the clock and it said 1:11! I just cannot escape the binary calling and allure of 11:11.

​I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thus far seen 11:11, even my husband has starting seeing it!


Source: Natalia Kuna.

Photos used under Creative Commons.




Logarth lives close to the Ocean in NSW, Australia. He is an Angelic Reiki Energy Healer and a Lightworker. He lives his life quietly while continuing on his spiritual journey.