Spirit Art

Spirit Art

Spirit art – the artistic creations inspired by spiritual forces

Updated 2021.01.07

When most people think of Spirit Art, they think of Aura Paintings and Spirit Guide Portraits, and there is so much more to it than that –

A few weeks ago, my partner and I were visiting the Henry Chapman Mercer Museum and while there, we noticed many of the books on Mercer’s library shelf to be spirit-related and thus asked the tour guide, if Mercer believed in The Spirit World and in contact with it.

Our tour guide stated that Mercer believed himself to be an artist and that many artists also believe themselves to be conduits for something higher than themselves.

Most artists, however, don’t come outright and say what they’re inspired by, so it can often be hard to tell what is Spirit Art and what may not be.

there are many different types of spiritual artists

  • Mixed Media Artists

  • Oil Painters and Illustrators

  • Oracle Deck Creators

  • Singer-Songwriters, also Performers

  • Public Speakers

  • Poets

  • Inspired Writers

  • Space Designers

  • And Many More

Anything that you would consider an art, can be spiritually inspired, coming from the ethers within or without.

Spirit Artists channel paintings, readings, drawings, symbols and lyrics into physical art which is then shared and contributes to the advancement of Earth’s consciousness.

Spirit Art is anything channeled with the intention to be a message from the Divine. Some messages are received visually, audibly, and in dreams.

how to practice spirit art

Choose your medium! That is, how you’re going to bring the message you’ve received through to the physical. Are you writing, painting, singing or melding?

Many spiritual arts are visual creations, something you can touch and hold, or something meant to take in with the physical senses.

Anytime you have an inspired message, vision or creation come through, write it down and make plans to create it in some form.

Many Spirit Artists will receive their art in “downloads,” meaning that everything comes at once or in a sudden flood, then going through breaks of not receiving at all, generally meant for the artist to create their download, before receiving again.

how the art can come through

Depending on what your gifts are, some art forms will come through clairvoyant channels (as in, you’ll receive what needs to be brought through via vision or dream), and others come through via clairaudient and claircognizant channels, meaning you’ll receive what needs to come through via thought form or message.

Sometimes it is seen as written words in visions.

why spirit art is created

Messages from The Spirit World, including those brought through via tangible means, are intended for assisting in the healing of the collective unconscious and to raise collective joy, as such, not all are meant to be brought through in a private reading with a medium.

Thus, publicly consumable art in the form of something beautiful – songs, paintings, and books are created – to inspire all who need it, in all the different ways we take things in.

Not all pieces that can be defined as Spirit Art are mentioned as such, and not all Spirit Art is 100% channeled from the Divine – most is a co-creation between:

  • The conduit, being the artist and their life experiences

  • The channel they receive through and by, being where it comes from, the source

  • And those the message is intended for, the intended receiver, the audience, sole or mass

Many Spirit Artists will receive in the method that is most healing to the audience they are meant to serve, as part of their soul purpose. Thus, it can’t always be controlled what is created by each artist, when it’s created, or for whom the art is meant to heal most.

Whether you’re picking up a piece of Spirit Art, or creating it, both –

They are part of life’s biggest gifts and next time you see a particularly spectacular performance remember… it may have just been a medium, also sometimes known as a Spirit Artist, who created it.

Source: Amanda Linette Meder




Logarth lives close to the Ocean in NSW, Australia. He is an Angelic Reiki Energy Healer and a Lightworker. He lives his life quietly while continuing on his spiritual journey.