Comprehensive Guide to Raising your Vibrational Frequency



We are all energy and vibrate. Everything has a vibration, and everyone vibrates at a different level of frequency. It changes all the time, but it is important to know that we can have some control over it.

Energy is all about vibration and frequency. That’s where we get the word ‘vibe’ from. How many times have you heard people say things like: ‘I get bad vibes from him,’ ‘That guy gives me the ‘creeps,’ ‘This house has a great vibe!’ or ‘That hallways gives me the heeby jeebies!’

Many times, we haven’t quite realized just how literal we are being! Everything has a vibe! From your sofa to your soda, your man or his van, from a spanner to a cocker spaniel, and from Planet Jupiter to the Jupiter Casino! EVERYTHING has a vibrational frequency, and we can learn to tap in and get information, or, it’s energy can affect us!

 Although we each have our own energy signature, our vibration shifts according to our thoughts, feelings, actions, and the multifarious energy effects of people around us and other external energy sources (such as earth changes, world events, universal shifts, weather imbalances, cosmic happenings and so on). 


All ‘matter’ is energy that is condensed into a slow vibration. Lower energy (such as a dark, heavy, toxic place; a negative, angry person; or a negative being) is dense and vibrates slower, and higher energy (such as a person who has high energy, meditates and is in tune; or an angel or higher being of light), vibrates fast.

If we are not grounded, centered, awake and aware (which let’s face it, most of us are not), then we will easily be pulled and swayed in different directions. I refer to this as derailment. It feels like your train is in full speed, yet off the tracks and out of control. Once that derangement has happened, it is very hard to get back ‘on track’, back in ‘alignment’, into the safe, embracing, forward moving grooves of the railway line!

I know this has happened to you. So take a moment and really think about it. See how this applies in your life Is it happening all too much, and are you off track or out of balance?

If you want to live a happier and more fulfilling life, start to break free from the negativity that overwhelms you and get out of the dumps, then you can take steps towards this by looking at energy and working to raise your vibration. ​It is also an important key to help you deal with others , as well as your own inner issues, and any outside energy that may be affecting you as you walk your spiritual path.


(If you want to understand more about energy and vibrations, click here.)

In order to be more aligned to the higher spiritual realms, or just feel like you want your spirit and energy to be higher, then you need to raise your vibrational frequency. This is boosting your chi.

​There are many things you can do to uplift your mood, spirit and vibration. Remember – keep it simple and take your time with this, you will have your up days and your down ones, just do the best you can, and if you fall, get back up again, step by step. Trust in yourself and this process!

Thoughts, Intentions, Manifestation & Creating Your Reality

​You can literally put yourself in higher spirits and raise your energy through your thoughts, words and intentions. You create it with the powerof your mind. Mind over matter (literally)!

Manifest higher vibrations by asking for it, saying it and calling it in to you .

Try asking for it on the new moon, which is a powerful time for manifestations and new beginnings.​ But setting an intention can be done at ANY time. It is really up to you and your belief in yourself and the miraculous powers of the universe. A lot of this is waking up to theconscious creator that you truly are! ​



Think positive, loving, supportive thoughts and keep a check on them throughout the day. Each time you catch yourself thinking negatively, you can say something like: “Cancel, clear, delete!” My husband has fun with this too. Every time I say the above, he adds: “Eject, rewind.”You can do it in your own unique way – whatever works for you!

Saying affirmations.really helps. Here’s a great one to get you started:

“My vibration is lifting every day!”​

​Try making a high vibrational vision board filled with positive images and  uplifting, inspirational quotes (I will be writing more about this soon).

Believe, and it is so! Read more about the power of our thoughts and manifesting here.​​

Just Ask


By asking the universe and praying, you open the doorways for spirit to help pull things into alignment for you. You will draw in the energy that you desire.
So ask for your vibration to be lifted, and to keep raising higher. Believe and let go.​

Envision It


Don’t underestimate the power of your imagination! Envision it, and it is so. You are creating your reality. You can create a high vibrational state of being though the power of your mind (as mentioned above), and your imagination.

Use all senses to fuel your vision. Make it vibrant, real, tangible. Uplift yourself with the canvas of your imaginative spark.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”
                                                                   – Pablo Picasso

Imagination is a gift from God that children use freely, because through their innocence and close connection with Spirit, they understand and live in its magic. But for us adults, it is about remembering it’s power and bringing it back into our intuitive consciousness and belief system. ​

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
                                                                                                                                                                                      – Albert Einstein

Joy & Laughter


Laughter and joy truly are medicine! This really  is an example of how simple it can be!

Placing yourself in good spirits and choosing to take things lightly and focus on the good things in life put you in a better shape not just mentally, but also emotionally, energetically, spiritually and even physically too! Science has proven that laughter ​releases endorphins, which are the brain’s feel-good chemicals.


“​Laughter is wine for the soul – laughter soft, or loud and deep, tinged through with seriousness – the hilarious declaration made by man that life is worth living.” – Sean O’Casey

​Do anything that gives you joy, and immerse yourself in a joyful environment.
Laugh, and then laugh some more. Find humour in life and the simple things. Intend to not take things so seriously.“Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.” – Victor HugoWatch comedies, read jokes and be silly. Be around children or do something fun, or spontaneous as a child.

Open Your Heart


When you open your heart, you are able to give and receive love more freely. Don’t be afraid of opening your heart to others and letting them in.

Work on clearing and healing your heart chakra(the energy center around your heart).

“Your heart has a powerful little antenna and its vibrations can be felt throughout the universe.”   – Suzy Kassem

The heart is your deepest connection to your intuition and your Higher Self, your soul. 



Take a moment. Take some breaths.
​Connect with your heart.
How does it feel?
​What message does it have for you?
Imagine your heart opening up wide and lifting your vibrations higher and higher, so that it encompasses all.​​​



True gratitude opens your heart wide, and fills you with joy and blissful vibrations of love. It is an essential way of being in order to thrive , spiritually evolve, and  also manifest goodness in your life.

“Just as thoughts, send out vibrations to which there is a creative and attractive power, gratitude stimulates the field of etheric energy that surrounds you on a subtle level to bring into your life more of what brings you joy.”
– Genevieve Gerard​


When you look at things from a higher perspective, it is the awareness  and appreciation of the blessings in your life which both catapult your connection back to God and consequently activate outpourings of abundance and good energy in return.

When you are in a state of gratitude, a resonance is created. You are back in your true power, standing in the seat of your soul. And this is the true place, the open space, the canvas, the vessel, from which you can draw into you happy, positive and fulfilling vibrational experiences. Read more about gratitude here.

Be Around Babies & Children


Children carry an open, loving spirit with them that is closer to God, since not that long ago, they were in ‘heaven’, preparing for birth.
T​hrough their untainted innocence, they send out signals and vibrations of unconditional love and acceptance. Their love lifts us up and touches our hearts. Ever held a baby and delighted in their pure innocence and sweet cackles? They always send a message to lighten up, not take life so seriously, and just ‘be’. Take note of their open hearts and open yours way wide in return.​


Love Vibrations & Monitering the Company You Keep


Love is the highest vibration.

Be around loving, supportive people (and minimize the time you spend with those who are not)​​, as much as possible.

Fill up your love tank when you are around ​those who pick you up, lift you up, accept you and make you smile. Lean on those who understand the power of love.


Close friends contribute to our personal growth. They also contribute to our personal pleasure, making the music sound sweeter, the wine taste richer, the laughter ring louder because they are there.” – Judith Viorst

Give love and receive it – with friends, children, family and your romantic partner.

Give and receive hugs. Don’t be afraid to say “I love you.”

Being in company and feeling a part of the community helps us feel less isolated, alone or depressed.​ So go out and connect, socialize and join groups. Try new activities.

Animal Medicine


Allow pets and animals around you to give you love, and give them love in return. Just as children, animals carry an innocence. Pets are such unconditional givers – we can all learn from their essence and the way they just be.

Pets and animals can help us heal and raise our vibration by their unconditional love:

– absorb their loving energy
– pat and hug them
– play with them
– observe them
– take them outside, and for walks​​​


​Notice animal signs, symbols and totems entering your life and working with you. Noticing signs is a form of accessing a higher consciousness and thus lifting your vibration.​​

I will be writing more about this soon, including the spiritual meaning of various animals, so stay tuned!

Activity & Movement


Get your body moving to get that energy circulating and your energy field clear.

All sorts of different types of movement such as dance, aerobics, walking,stretching, yoga, zumba, tai chi and so on open up and allow positive chi (life force energy) to run through you. It will raise your endorphins (feel good hormones), and ​ultimately raise your vibration.

Moving your body freely is also a way in which you can  express yourself. ​​

Nature’s Remedy


Get out in nature and take walks regularly. Absorb the fresh air, positive ions and notice the beauty in everything natural and God given. Allow God to shower you with its universal brilliance.

Take it a step further by:
– Noticing the beauty around you , and the amazing wonders and Divine order of nature and the universe
– ​Digging your toes in the grass, dirt or sand (this is very grounding)
– ​Being aware of the environment, soaking up the fresh air and nature sounds, using all your senses, opening them up
– Noticing land, sky and water animals and creatures. ​
– Communing with nature and nature spirits (the elementals) such as fairies and elves. ​

Flower Energy


Flowers carry extremely high vibrations. The angels have told me that it is very helpful to have flowers around you to uplift and heal you through their colours, fragrances and healing energy.

So have flowers around you, smell their unique scents and draw into you their healing aroma  and vibrations of love.

Tel everyone how much you love flowers. If you cannot afford a bunch of flowers for yourself, ​enjoy the ones in your garden or pick some from your local surroundings.

Read more about the energetic frequency of flowers here.​

Sun Energy


“Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.” – Helen Keller

The sun has powerful life-force energy.

Spend as much time in the sun, absorbing its healing rays,  as you can. It is so good for you and also provides you with natural doses of Vitamin D. Go out during non-peak times to ensure skin safety.​


Spirit has told me that we are very connected to the sun and that it is a powerful energetic Source.

​The sun has been revered since ancient times across many cultures. You will see much sun imagery in temples and other sacred sites and items.​

Water Energy


Water carries great energy, or chi. it is a natural force which is very healing, cleansing and high vibrational (when pure). Flowing water represents flowing energy or chi​.

Water is also a powerful conductor of energy and enhances our spiritual connection and abilities.

Go to any water source such as the beach, a lake, river, pond or creek.​​​​


Waterfalls and  fountains are wonderful and very cleansing too. A domestic active waterfall sculpture or feature in your home is great feng shui, as it allows for the movement of positive life force energy!

Drink pure, filtered spring water and keep well-hydrated.

High Vibrational, Nutritional Food


It is important to keep your body healthy and nutritional intake high. Some foods have especially high energy (and I don’t mean kilojoules here, I am talking about life force energy). Fruit and veges absorb the powerful healing rays of the sun, and by eating them they transfer to you and get absorbed by your system. See how good you feel when you eat a carrot!

Natural, organic foods are best​.

Eat raw fruit and vegetables such as:

– ​mango
– pineapple
– carrots​​​
– goji berries​

Consume f​oods with a lot of chlorophyll such as spirulina.​

​Food and water infused with healing,  reiki, positive thoughts and love vibrations carry a higher energy. Anyone can do this. Try placing a clean , charged crystal in a glass of water (don’t drink the crystal), or placing a positive note under the glass. It is your intention and positive energy that will charge the item.

Music & Sounds

​Use high vibrational sounds as therapy and as a gateway to allowing higher vibrations to cascade through your energetic system.

Here are some ways you can do this:

~ Put on some lovely music such as :

​      – classical, relaxation, spa music
– angelic, reiki / healing music
– dolphin sounds
– nature sounds​  such as ocean waves, forest sounds etc    



​~ Listen to positive music as you drive, vacuum and do housework!

~ ​​ Use a singing bowl ( or listen to its sounds ).
~ ​Ring a bell (this is also great for clearing energy).~ ​Use vibrational sound tools or instruments such as tuning forks (note:  you can even bang pots until you get a pitch / sound you desire).~ ​Try clapping your hands or tapping to the beat (this also shakes off negative energy and brings you joy).


~ Play an instrument.

~ Sing, hum, whistle (happy tunes).

~ Chant, tone​ sounds such as:

  – om
– oh
– ah​​​

~ And don’t forget that silence is a healing tonic. Through silence access Divine wisdom and inner healing.​

Appeciate Life & It’s Beauty


Appreciation is a form of gratitude, and it connects you with Spirit. It helps uplift you.

Noticing beauty around you awakens your awareness and makes the universe come alive.

You become one with the ever presence of God and the perpetually pulsing universe.​

Get Inspired


When you are inspired, your vibrations are raised to a higher level, and you are in sync with Spirit.

Think about what inspires you, submerge yourself in it, and pay attention to ​any inspiring thoughts, images and signs you may received. You can ask your guides and angels to help inspire you.

Read an inspiring book or listen to a motivational speaker. ​

Open Up Your Creative Channels


Immerse yourself in art and creativity.  Don’t deny yourself creative pursuits and allowing yourself time to do it. Make alterations to your schedule, let go of other things and give your self permission to create. Creativity comes in so many forms.  Do what entices you and try something new.

Being creative opens up your spiritual channels, helps your intuition and enhances your connection to Spirit.

Here are some examples of creative pursuits:

​- paint, experiment with colour
– try mindful colouring in
– ​draw,  sketch, ​doodle
– ​make something (craft, card, etc)
– sew, knit
– cook, bake with love & enjoyment​​
– redecorate your house or move things around in a way that gives you aesthetic pleasure.
– write
– make a collage or vision board​​

Work on Your Spiritual Development


Make it a personal goal to constantly work on your own self development and raise your spiritual awareness.

As you spiritually evolve, your vibrational frequency naturally rises. And when you hold that space, you will be so high vibe that your mere presence in a room will uplift and vibrate,so you are effectively spreading good vibrations to others by just be-ing.

This is something that you can work on evolving. Experiment with it!​

Heighten Your Intuitive Awareness


Intuitive awareness is a part ofspiritual self development. When you are in a more intuitive space of being, you are more open and receptive. Your antennas are raise, and thusly your vibration.

As Spirit exists in higher dimensions, by connecting with ​these higher spiritual realms, you raise your own vibrations.


Bring in the Light


Open yourself up to the light. See yourself with light. Surround yourself with light.
​Awaken to your inner light and your Divine gifts. Radiate vibrations of love and light wherever you go. See yourself as a powerful lightworker.Affirm“I AM Divine Light” or other such uplifting phrases of your own choice.

Try this Technique to Raise Your Light Frequency

Watch this video below on how to raise your light frequency, your energetic vibration,  expand your aura, lift your mood & improve your day. You can do it on the way to work, in your parked car, in the bathroom if needed, or at home.

Work with Energy


“As you experience it yourself you experience that the entire material world is nothing but vibration. When we experience the ocean of infinite waves surging within, the river of inner sensations flowing within, the eternal dance of the countless vibrations within every atom of the body. We will witnessed our continuously changing nature. All of this is happening at an extremely subtle level . . . As you experience the reality of matter to be vibration, you also start experiencing the reality of the mind: consciousness, perception, sensation and reaction.” – Quoted from

When you become more aware of energy and start to feel it and work with it, it will be easier for you to sense different energy levels.

Once you are attuned to energy, you can clear your energy, bring in higher energies and raise your own energy. ​

Colour Therapy


“Colors are vibrating light energies, each “color ray” produces a sound that affects matter.” – Jacqueline Ripstein

Colours have high vibrations and can be used for healing and therapy. Colours have an impact on your aura and will raise your personal vibration.
Choose colours with specific healing properties. Violet is the highest in frequency. Think about the colours of the rainbow. The colours at the top are higher (just like our chakras), and ones at the bottom are lower in frequency.TIP: Wear bright colours to lift your spirits and raise your vibration.​​

Essential Oils


Essential oils carry beautiful healing vibrations from each specific flower that they originate from. The essential oil that has the highest vibration is rose oil. It is truly beautiful. You might find that it costs a bit more though.

You can also use other high vibrational oils such as:​
​- Lavender
– ​Sage
– Frankinsence
– Myrh
– Patchouli​​

Sage & Incense


Sage and incense are natural vibrational  items that have been used for centuries amongst many cultures.

Dried white sage will clear your energy and is very high vibrational. Use it to clear your energy field and your home environment. Use a smudge stick, light it safely and wave it around every corner of your home. Open windows to let out the negative energy and for a good cleanse open and smudge all cupboards and smaller areas too as negativity loves to hide in small or cluttered spaces.

Incense lifts us into higher vibrations and thusly higher states of consciousness.

Frankincense is great for not just clearing energy, but also powerfully uplifting your surroundings. You can try other incense scents such as Lavender, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Benzoin and Dragon’s Blood.​​​​


PictureThis is my rose quartz crystal emanating vibrations of love, healing and empowerment.

Crystals are high vibrational tools. There are many that can lift your spirits and energy levels, and place you in loving, higher vibrations.

Here are some examples: ​

– ​clear quartz
– rose quartz
– ​selenite
– ​amethyst
– Herkimer diamonds
– moldavite​​
– beryl
– dioptase
– phenakite
– brookite
– datolite​​​​​

There are many more. Find out more about crystals here, and access the A-Z Crystal Directory here to learn about specific ones and their spiritual attributes. Visit my free healing page if you feel you need a bit of help to get you started energetically with some crystal healing.

Meditation & Relaxation


When you are relaxed, you are more centered and at peace. Meditation allows you to access your higher mind and the higher realms of consciousness which operate on a higher frequency.

Try This:

Get into a relaxed, meditative state by taking some deep breaths and visualizing a beautiful white coming down from God Source and  travelling through the angels,  through the top of your head (your crown chakra), right through your body, filling and surrounding your entire aur. Imagine placing yourself in a bubble of pink love. Love is the highest vibration.

Your Energetic Body


Know that you and everything has a field of energy. Become aware of your chakras, which are energy centers in and around your body. Learn about your aura and work to clear and heal your energetic body (layers of your aura) regularly.  

Clearing means getting rid of any lower, negative energy and debris lodged in your system. By getting rid of it, it is like you become a fresh palette and it will be easier for you to not only lift your personal vibrations to a higher level, but to also keep in that state for a longer period of time.​

Your Spiritual Helpers


Ask for spiritual assistance for raising your vibrations. God, the angels and your guides are happy to help!

You might like to try asking Archangel MichaelJesus orBuddha to assist you.

​Notice any thoughts, feelings or signs you may receive. Be open too guidance coming in many different ways, and over a period of time.​

Uplift Your Surroundings


Create a sacred space and spend time in it. Read more here about that. 

Look at some healing or high vibrational pictures, anything that makes you feel happy and light-filled. Places positive images and objects around you. Look at some image examples below.Use incense, candles and essential oils to add to the energy.

Learn More – Upcoming Online Course


​You can learn how to raise your vibration (energetic frequency) in an online course that is currently being created. It will include many techniques using energy work, visualisation, meditation & other methods.Click here  to read about the many benefits of raising your energetic vibration & what you can learn in this upcoming course.




ENJOY THESE PICTURES: May they uplift your vibration!









Logarth lives close to the Ocean in NSW, Australia. He is an Angelic Reiki Energy Healer and a Lightworker. He lives his life quietly while continuing on his spiritual journey.