Channeling: We Will Be Able To See Quantum Energy Within The Next Eleven Years And This Is What It Will be Like.

 Text by Kryon Channelled by Lee Carol in Lima, Peru — November 3, 2012
What will happen when you can see quantum energy? When the instruments are built and they figure out how to peek at quantum-ness, you have no idea what they’re going to see. This is going to open a door, and that door is going to be complex, unexplainable, and it will take the breath away of all humanity.

For when they turn the knob that allows them to see quantum energy around them, it will rewrite all of the science books on earth. This is just one thing of many, and it will lead to astonishing new awareness. It’s going to happen in the next 18 years.

It’s happened on other planets, so that’s how I can tell you about it. But let me give you some hints: When the new humanity has this invention and they start looking around them with the eyes of a quantum seer, they are going to see things they never expected. When they look at a Human Being, a quantum energy bubble will be seen around each one with amazing colors that change. It will be eight meters wide.

When they turn the quantum seeing instrument and look into the forest, they will see the quantum life and the multidimensional energy that is there. They will be shocked when they look at the rocks and find life in them! It won’t be three-dimensional as you are used to, but quantum life. It will start to explain that which was so mysterious in the forests and the trees. Earth science will have to redefine what life is, for it will respond when it is being looked at, and meet many of the current requirements of the definition of life.

There are certain discoveries which humans must make on their own. Can you imagine dialogue with a tree?

 Can you imagine dialogue with a rock? What about the air you 

breathe? Dialogue! It speaks to you, and you speak to it. It won’t be through Human language, or even the kind of conversation that you have, but rather quantum talk. It’s coming. I can’t explain it, but it’s going to redefine everything, everywhere they look at. Wait till they look at the stars! That’s just one of several things that you will see. It’s coming. The New Human creates a new energy into Gaia which responds with new energy to you.

Ah, now let me tell you about the last one, and it has to do with DNA. I said it before and you need to hear it in your language: The DNA of Human Beings is starting to become more efficient, so part of the paradigm that you have gotten used to will change greatly. We’ve spoken of this before, but again, it’s odd to us: When you look at the animals on earth, you think nothing of some very interesting things.

When a calf is born in the wild from a buffalo, within hours of its birth, the calf is running with the herd The calf is born knowing what’s poison, and what isn’t poison. He knows who is his enemy! However, when Human babies are born, they are helpless! Some have said they are even useless. It takes years for them to walk and learn language. And you think that’s normal, don’t you? Here you are, the highest evolved creature on earth, and you can’t even do what the animals do. There is no instinct passed to the baby. Every Human birth is almost like starting over. That’s going to change. Imagine having a child that has already been taught not to put their fingers on the stove? Did you see the video that played today? [Speaking of the video in the seminar of the 4-year old playing the piano like a virtuoso]. Did you see the child on the keyboard? That’s the future! Eventually the Human will be born with far more instinct, remembrance, and wisdom. It’s already happening.

Human DNA is going to evolve and old souls will come into this planet knowing they’re old souls. You’ll know it the next time around by the time you are five or six. By then you will be doing what ten or eleven year olds are doing now. Watch for this. For the first time on the planet, your DNA will begin to be balanced, and balance creates that which is manifestation. That’s the New Human, and it starts now. You’ll see.

Kryon live channelling “The Second Letter N in the word Kundalini”  in Lima, Peru November 3, 2012

Source: The Gaia Effect by Monica Muranyi



Logarth lives close to the Ocean in NSW, Australia. He is an Angelic Reiki Energy Healer and a Lightworker. He lives his life quietly while continuing on his spiritual journey.