Children’s Book Review – Bye Bye Bogeyman! (Superpowers to Beat the Bogeyman!)

Lucy can’t fall asleep after seeing a Bogeyman in a bad dream. 
Bye Bye Bogeyman!

At bedtime, Lucy tells her grandad about the dream and he promises that he can help her. Before he can explain how, Lucy falls asleep and dreams of a mysterious world where she encounters an enchanted forest, a mysterious pond and scary giant rocks!

During her dream-time adventures, Lucy learns all the superpower skills she needs to banish the bogeyman from her mind forever, never to be seen again!

This short story teaches children (and adults!) simple and fun NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) ‘superpowers’ to easily overcome fears caused by nightmares or anxiety.

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Logarth lives close to the Ocean in NSW, Australia. He is an Angelic Reiki Energy Healer and a Lightworker. He lives his life quietly while continuing on his spiritual journey.