Inner Earth Meditation for Rejuvenation


Inner Earth Hypnosis Session

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Allison Coe 2019

I am standing on something but it’s like fog I’m standing in. There’s a bluish light but I can’t see where it’s coming from, but it’s all kind of hazy, foggy. More down at the bottom on the ground then at the top. It’s like a white light. That’s just like a glow. A bright glow.

And do you sense any warmth from that glow? Any temperature from that glow?

No, there was warmth. It’s a good feeling. It’s like a bluish color around like a blue light blue light. It’s coming from, I don’t know where, it’s just like a good feeling to be there.

And what else do you see or sense in this place?

I get the feeling. I’m in inner earth somewhere. The Blue Glow – bluish white glow -it glows everywhere in there.

I’m indoors somewhere. but it’s still this white light glows everywhere. All the time.

It comes from like a giant orb – a crystal that’s there. It’s a crystal orb that hovers in the air.

This crystal orb can you tell whether or not it has an intelligence? or consciousness to it?

It has the God love that It spreads to everything. So that it’s like little particles that it sends out it’s nutrition, it’s light, it’s warm, it’s healing,, everything’s taken care of there.

Can you communicate with it if you’d like?

Well it’s just everyone’s a part of it. I’m a part of it. It’s a part of me. It just is.

Is it natural to this place?

It’s natural. It’s the way it was made when the earth was formed, it was brought in and put there.The beings that made the earth made it, they brought it. There was One on the outside and one on the inside. The one on the outside was destroyed and the one on the inside – it still works.

What else does it do- so it helps nurture life and sustain life. What about intelligence or consciousness? Does It have any effect on that?

It is consciousness it sends out consciousness. It sends out the God consciousness that’s God. It’s connected to everything. It’s all consciousness.

So people who are exposed to this energy from this orb, is their consciousness adjusted somehow?

When they get there it’s just a good feeling. You want to be there. You don’t ever want to leave. Sometimes you know you have to leave.

Why do you have to leave sometimes?

Yeah they have to leave to go to The outer earth cause they’re all one, the inner and outer is one. So you go to the inner Earth to rejuvenate, you go to the outer Earth to do your work to help heal the outer so that we all can become one again.

Okay. so the timelines between the two: If one being more to go to the inner Earth and then go to the outer earth, how would they do that? Would they have to transition to do that or is it just a state of consciousness or is it physical?

It’s just a thought.

I’m just wondering how would they experience it? Would it be more like astral travel to them? Oh, it would it be during a trance, like sleep or physical travel?

Oh, it’s like through a meditation you have to pull through the meditation. Your thought can pull you in to the inner earth where then through the meditation you can be rejuvenated.

You look like your human self, but a better version if you will, or healthier freer version.

Yes. Better version because there is no disease. It’s all knowing. It’s knowing everything. There are no hidden forces there trying to manipulate your consciousness. It’s a safe place you can go to.

Why don’t more people go there?

They don’t know how. They used to but when they started going up on the outer earth the forces started manipulating them. They forgot how to connect back and forth.

How can We teach them again if it’s important? 

It happens if you open up your mind. Open up your thoughts. connect your thoughts to the inner Earth, with the crystal sphere. Connect with the crystal sphere.

If people started doing that, what difference would they notice in their lives?

You become healthier, you become compassionate, loving, kindness. Better feeling. You Will look younger. You don’t have to age.- it’s all a rejuvenation of spirit, body and mind.

So they forgot or outside forces helped them forget about this inner earth place that they should travel to more?

Yes, the forces that control the outside Earth don’t want you to go back to the inner Earth.Manipulation. It’s a mind manipulation. They control our minds. You go to the inner earth. They can’t control your mind.

How often should people be going there?

Some people will need to just live there, stay there. Other people who are helping to heal the outer earth need to go back – rejuvenate – and they can move back and forth. You’re connected. Almost like you have two bodies, one on the outside and one inside. Not bodies. Spirits. You’re connected. You’re the same. You’re connected. You can bring the one from the inside to the outside. It’s rejuvenating the outside. You bring the Inner to the Outer.

What are the steps to do that?

To do that you have to connect with the inner Earth. Then let your spirit and energy rejuvenate, then bring it back to the outer again.When you’re done You can feel it, it feels good. You feel refreshed. You feel young again. You feel like  you’re reborn.

Do all being do this or just humans?

The humans, because nature is already connected. Nature doesn’t have to do that because the connection is always there, always flowing back and forth. It’s just humans that lost the connection. a lot of them lost how to connect.

You connect with the Inner Earth the way you connect with light. You can feel the light from the cosmic sun of all the universe. Then it connects to the galactic sun – of your galaxy. Then it connects to the sun of your solar system. Then it connects down to your human body through a golden white shaft that comes through your Crown Chakra, then down your spinal cord into the inner earth to the sphere. The connection runs both ways. When you’re done rejuvenating in the inner earth. Then you connect back up through your golden shaft up through the root in to all your chakras, into Crown Chakra. Let the light flow out to the rest. of humanity so that they can feel the light that rejuvenates that you brought up.

Every time you meditate this should be done. The more the better. Some people don’t meditate at all – twice a day is good. Doesn’t take long.

Does anything happen to the crystal, the crystal orb, when we connect to it, does it benefit in any way?

Yes, when we connect to it. It receives the light from the cosmic sun, from the Galactic Sun, and the solar sun. Cause even though it is its own connection with the source, it wants to connect everything in Earth and outside of earth. So that we can be one complete light being of a planet. It Needs to have both the inner and the outer connected. Right now they’re connecting, but not enough. When they both connect, they merge together to form the light being that the earth needs to be.

So humans and their intent and their actions have a direct effect on Earth becoming it’s light being?

Oh yes. The earth light body being has to have all the darkness purged, or as much as it can. To do that the humans on the earth have to work themselves to connect because they are part of the earth. In order for them to become part of it, to stay together, they have to work at it. From a small point to the big points. All have to work together for it to work out. The collective consciousness –  it all works together. It can’t have a piece not working within a larger piece.

Are there any inner earth beings who are trying to stop outer earth beings from connecting?

No. Inner Earth is a loving place, that’s where your higher consciousness goes – your higher self – to rejuvenate. It’s part of the rejuvenation. It’s not all of it, but it’s part of it to help the earth rejuvenate. There’s only love. It’s all good. The mission is to keep the inner earth rejuvenated. The way to do that is from the outer earth to come into the inner earth.

When did people forget About how important the inner earth was?

It happened in steps. They lost it in several steps. They let their egos take over. They thought that they could control everything without being a part of the source. They tried to be separate. They’re finding out now that being separate, does not work. They are reconnecting again. Only some don’t want to reconnect because they like their egos being separate – they think that they can control everything – but in reality they can’t.

what would the future be like for humans if They help earth change into this light body. What would they experience on earth?

They would have the experience of Bliss. Pure love, Oneness with all creation. When they connect it is a connection of home of where they came from of all-knowing, all compassion, all love.

do you have any more information that you wish to impart about the importance of the inner earth and our connection to it, how to go about that?

It has to be done. It’s inevitable that it will be done. It’s already happening. It’s just that humanity needs to do it more to see it more, to understand that they have to connect more. To bring the light in and the light out back and forth so that it becomes one together. It will happen. It’s just not happening as quick as humanity on the outer earth wishes it to happen. Once it has happened, the inner earth will be on the outer earth. Earth will be, what she always has wanted to be, has always known she had to be this spirit of love that shines so bright throughout the whole universe that all can see her shining. All will stand in awe to know that as dark as she went down, she can become light. As low as she went, she can become as high as the beautiful white light.

How long a process do you feel that will take?

It’s Up to humanity. It could happen in a second. So many minds are still closed that it is not letting it happen. But it will happen because it is meant to happen and there’s no stopping it now.

Moving to another experience within the session:

What do you see now?


I see a bridge. Made out of ice. It’s not cold. It’s like rainbow ice.

It’s a bridge to dimensions I’ve been been wanting to move across, so I’m trying to get there. I’ve been there before.

It’s a bridge of shiny, glimmery, rainbow light. When you change dimensions, it’s a stop off point between them. You stop to get to the next one. We can jump to the next one. So I’m stopped there trying to jump to another dimension.

What dimensions do you like to jump between?

I like 5th – 5th is an easy one to get to. Eighth, ninth and eleventh I’ve been to. And once you get to the 12th then it begins another set of dimensions, it’s like I look up, I look at this bridge and see these dimensions and it’s like you get to the end of one dimension and realize they’re never ending. Sometimes it’s frustrating, but then at other times it’s exciting, because I don’t have to be bored at one dimension – that I can just go to another one then.

Do you take a certain form when you travel?

Right now I see myself in the body that I have now, but it’s translucent. It’s not heavy. Earth is so heavy, it’s so thick and that’s why it’s so hard to be here. I want to be able to jump to these others, so as I jump up higher, it’s less heavy. It feels so much better.

How do you make the jump when you’re in human form?

Energy. You have to raise your energy and that’s a hard thing to do because so much is trying to keep you down. You have to know that you have to raise your energy. When you raise your energy, then you can change to a different dimension.

Do you see the bridge when you raise your energy enough? Or sense it in some way?

The bridge is like a stop off point between them, like a landing point. So you can raise your energy to make it to the bridge. Then you can raise your energy to make it to the dimension. Then you can raise your energy to go to the bridge again. Then you can raise your energy to go to the higher dimension. The bridge is between each one

So what is a human to do to raise their energy enough in order to see this bridge and make a trans-dimensional jump?

They have to first know that it exists. A lot of them know it. They don’t want to acknowledge it. Then they have to want to do it, have the longing to do it. A lot of them are so manipulated by the lower frequency energy, they don’t know how to get out of it. It takes a lot of energy to change – to make the first jump. Once they make the first jump. It’s so much easier then to take the second jump because you have momentum building. the third dimension, which is the heaviest of all dimensions –  Is so hard to get away from.

So to get from the third dimension to a higher dimension what should someone like you do, if you wanted that bridge to show up?

Oh, I need the extra vibrational energy to give me a step. Almost like a spring. That’s what it is. You spring up to the bridge and then you can spring up to the next dimension and from there you can stay there. But then you need another spring. So you have to find what works for the spring.

I’m just wondering what do they see as the number one thing that will give you that spring? The number one thing you can do, Or not do, in order to raise your energy and vibration and that maybe that springy step?

Forgiveness. You have to forgive. Holding onto grudges, holding on to physical thoughts, holding on to things that were hurtful in the past. That’s what holds you down and it doesn’t let you spring up. When you forgive it releases. It’s like, having rope tied to you, like chains on your legs and on your feet and on your arms and when you forgive it releases them and it lets you be free so that you can then start taking little jumps. A little spring to spring up and you get the momentum from the spring going and then you can take the leap to the bridge.

Do you have to be in a certain state of mind or being or body in order to see the bridge and interact with it? for example, trance or sleep or meditation?

No. If you raise your vibration high enough you can see the bridge all the time whenever you want to see it. A lot of people just see it in their dreams because they’re still being holding on to hurts – they haven’t forgiven. The people who have forgiven, but are afraid to do the jump: they can still make it, but it’s only in their dreams – they forget about it when they come back. It would  scare them too much.

If one had the desire to switch it from happening in dreams, to their conscious awakened life. What would you suggest they do?

They would just need to meditate to ask for it to happen and it would happen immediately. They ask for forgiveness to forgive themselves, to forgive everyone, to let go of that hurt and they could see the ropes letting loose of their wrists. They can see the chains letting loose of their ankles. Envision it and when you envision that, then it will happen.

Clients higher consciousness.

Why did you show her the inner earth and then this bridge? Why was that important for her to see today?

These are things that she needs to work on now. She knows she can get to where she’ wants. She knows she can be there. She has to work on these things. They will help her out to get to her next level.

So you are basically giving her exact steps to follow for to get to her next level? Energetic wise. Is there anything stopping her at all from moving forward in these directions?

Her own fear. She fears leaving others behind. She fears the unknown, but she should not have any fear because it is known. She’s been there before. This is just a wake up call to her memory.

Should others attempt this or is this just for my client?

It is for everyone. Everyone needs to be doing this. In order to have the best outcome there could be for Gaia.

it was told to us that that inner earth will become the outer earth and bliss will be our natural state of being. That sounds a lot like another place that’s described to us. Have people been describing this? Inner Earth as some, other place.

Yes, it is what people are describing as New Earth.

It is all connected Dimensionally, it’s inner earth as a dimension it is a place yet it’s a different dimension. When it comes out to the outer earth, the inner earth. will bring that dimension with it so that it can raise the frequency of the outer earth so that it’s all connected as one.

It will be a New Earth. They can call it a new earth because the inner and the outer will become one, which will be different than what exists now in a higher dimension. So you can consider it a new earth.

What dimension would be in when it comes to outer earth?

It will raise it to the fifth and then it will be easier once it raises to the fifth to continue to raise it to higher dimensions.

What do you see as the future of this earth If everybody works towards that goal? Connecting to it as you, gave us instructions to do so Anchoring that energy to the inner earth.

The earth has been chosen to be a satellite for connecting through a portal to go between universes. So the spirit would come to the earth and wait for the portal to open to connect to a different universe or different areas within this universe. So it is highly important to all in the universe that the earth become what she is supposed to be. Because right now it is stopping the travel between universes.

And how long has that been going on?

The portal has always been there it’s been shut for a long time though, millions of years because the Earth wanted to experience a different frequency. She is done with that experience now and moving into Gaia, which then will put her back on track to be the satellite, to let others flow through her into the portal. In this universe, there are only four doors like this. Four satellites. One on each side of the universe and this, she is one of them. That’s why it’s most important because otherwise it’s difficult to travel from one side of the universe, the other without the portal being open, without Gaia being able to host the spirits, waiting for a portal transfer

what closed it down in the first place or did it just never open?

It was always there. It was closed down when Gaia became a 3-d place because the residents decided that they wanted to experience their own way of creation separate from the source. They thought that they could create without being connected and they have found out otherwise.

So just like they made that choice before, they can make the choice in the opposite direction now. Is that correct?

Yes. They’ve made that choice now to go back to being connected to the creator, to the source. They are in the process of connecting again because it has to be this way. They are holding up so many from using this portal.

Once this portal opens, will humans have more interactions with galactic beings?

Yes. They will have, once the portals open, it is open to so many different ways of connecting with galactic beings, with higher consciousness, with their own self, with travel, multidimensional travel. There’s no limit to what it can connect with.

What, if any, does the role of an outside energy blast coming to earth have to do with the process of Earth turning into this light body? I know that humans have an effect on it. What does that exterior energy?

Exterior energy coming in helps to raise the vibration of the humans on Earth right now, which they need to be doing. It will raise the vibration enough tfor  What needs to happen with our Gaia and changing to Gaia to open up the portal.

What kind of energy do you see coming into earth right now that will do that? Do you see that already having been done or do you see it coming?

It has been sent already there have been spheres that have stepped down the energy. They know that the energy is too strong right now to hit the planet. It needs to be stepped down in small doses, but right now it is at the point where it is almost level so that it does not to be need to be stepped down anymore. It can be fully charged, can be sent in to the planet. It is at that point now that everyone needs to be ready for this on the surface and they most likely will be.

Do you have some sort of time frame for that to happen?

It is so close. The spheres have been moving away now. there were so many that were there helping to step down the energy. They have been further moving out of the solar system. Cause it’s not only earth moving to Gaia. It is the whole solar system that is moving up. They’ve been in the solar system helping it to step down the energy, but now that it’s leveled, they are moving out of the solar system and watching from afar what is going to happen. It is the show of all shows. Everyone has a front row seat. Everyone is waiting and it is magnificent.

On Earth What will people experience as the show of all shows hits its climax or peak?

Their DNA will shift, Their DNA has always been there, it was turned off to control. It is turning back on. The switches on their DNA will be turned on like a computer turning on. They will wake up, they will have the connection back with their source. They will almost not even remember what it was like to not be connected.

And when do you see that happening?

Very close. It’s happening very soon. The spheres are moving out now. All the spheres are moving out of the solar system. Everyone is in position to watch the event happen. To watch this event that is taking place in the solar system.

Will it be within my clients lifetime then?

Oh yes, definitely. That’s why she’s here. She would not miss this. Within this year. This is the year that it will happen, it’s so close. Everyone is just waiting. They have their watches with the countdown on, counting down.

Why did so many say that it would happen last year?

It was supposed to happen last year, but there were not enough ready. They thought that they could release more of the light onto the planet, but realized as they did so it was not helping humanity. So the spheres came in to step down the energy that was being sent to the planet. sent to Gaia, to the earth that is changing to Gaia.

So they stepped down the energy because it was actually hurting rather than helping to have that much energy come to the earth.

It was too much. They realized there was too much. It was like stepping in to hot water – it can’t be too hot –  you have to try it out little by little to see what works. You slowly get used to it. They’re used to it now. It is on now full.

she had a regression last year and she was shown a prediction for the event or what she would experience, which was on a spaceship with all these pods, with hundreds of thousands of people being taken off earth. They couldn’t handle the energy. Is that prediction still accurate,

Yes, there will still be some that cannot handle the energy. We want to save all that we can help all of humanity out that we can, so she will be there taking care of them until they can. Their frequency has to raise. She raises the frequency slowly. Then they could come back with their frequency raised. Their DNA turned on, they will not have any problems then.

What will they think has happened while they’re on the ship?

They as humans will not know what happened but they as spirit beings, their higher selves, will know what happened because their higher self is the one that asked for this. When they are on the ship, their higher self is in control. When they are back on earth they know that their higher self is connected with them now that they have their DNA completely turned on. And they are grateful for having the experience as all are grateful for having this experience now.

she saw this happening maybe in February or March. What would you tell her about that?

To be patient. It is happening. She wanted a surprise and she knows it. Tell her it’s like having a baby. You can go in for a c section and you know when it will arrive,  or you can have an experience of excitement and not know. She has chosen the latter to have the excitement.

She wanted to know who is she that she would be on that ship helping so many. What is her role? Who is she?

She is a light being that has come here to help out with the transfer to the light to help turn on the DNA, to help the earth turn to Gaia to help the dimensional shifts. She’s been waiting a long time for this. She knew it was now. She’s here now. She’s here to help open the portal so that others can start coming in and out of the portal so it can be used again since it has been closed for so long.

Is part of her living this life on the ship and part of her being human or will the human her go to the ship and help?

When the connection is made with the light and the DNA is turned on her Body will change – metamorphis – to her light body. That is the unique thing that all want to have here on earth to experience the metamorphosis. Very few have experienced it/ One at a time. slowly they experience a metamorphosis. This is an opportunity for millions to experience a metamorphosis At the same time. This is why so many are here now to experience this metamorphosis, to have that knowledge of how the metamorphosis works, how it feels, they can take that then back to where they came from or to other places to help others throughout the universe to experience their own metamorphosis as their time arises for their areas to experience it.

She says she feels like she’s so close to breaking through the veil to connect her physical self with her higher self. What does she need to do to make this happen?

She’s there already. It’s just the process that needs to happen. It’s happening now. She knows it. She needs to be patient and experience the excitement that comes along with it.

To connect regularly to her higher self She needs to send her chakras up through her body as a cone coming out of her seventh chakra of light. When that cone of light opens up for her, we can float down into her and be as one. If that cone is not there at the light, then it is only a tiny fraction that we can come down into her into her human body. We know she wants us to come down into her human body more because she does meditations for it, but she is not opening up her seventh Chakra to a cone. Tell her to open up as a cone and shine light out therefore we can shine light back in

she said she’s been just so unmotivated the last few years, not motivated exercise, eat right, clean house, be social or even go to work. What can she do to be more motivated and you have any suggestions for her to lose weight cause she would be your ideal weight. Anything you wish to add about that?

This was all based on her fear, on her 3-d fear. She will not have that any longer. She has felt fear cause she came in knowing what she had to do. It was not happening fast enough. She was fearful it would not happen. She now has been told that it is happening. She can be assured that it is progressing along quite nicely and she has no fear now. Things will change for her now.

She said she feels like she should be doing more to help humanity. What do you wish to add to that?

she can help humanity on a 3D level if she wants, she is helping more on a five d level. She is helping all of the higher selves connect together. She is working with connecting the higher selves together. When humanity raises their vibration, she will be connected to their higher self with her higher self. That is her process of what she is doing to help humanity. She wants to try to help on a three d level. She can if she wants to but it’s not necessary.

So on the three d level, if she wants to, what do you recommend that she does?

She needs to share her light through her own experiences to understanding what the light is. It’s happening so quickly now. She will not have time to share on a three d – three d goes slow. She is in the momentum pace to speed up to help connect the DNA. It is happening now. She does not have time on three D to really work this out.

she wanted to know if she could have a body scan to correct any physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or dimensional issues not resonating with her.

We are looking at her. We see that she is fine. It’s the only things in her mind that she makes up stuff she needs to release that she knows how to do that. She listens too much to outside sources to say that it can’t happen, but she knows inside that it can. She needs to listen to herself and everything will fall in place..

She has felt a connection with a star being. She wanted to know where is she technically from and what can she do to connect with her spirit star family?

She has been connected with the Orions for a long time. She has helped them to expand their consciousness, to grow in their love and kindness. They had many dark times too, but she was there to help them through it. Just as she’s here now to help with the dark. This time here now is to show the light. That’s what she does. She travels with a group of light beings that go to help with the light. She will be connected with them. She is connected with them. She knows some of them now, others she doesn’t know but she will be very soon with them in 3D.. They share the same consciousness with their connection and that connection is holding together, bringing together their lights to help raise the light in the darkest time here.

She wants to know if she is doing a good job following her life path? What could she be doing better?

She’s doing all she needs to do now. As we said before, she is experiencing the process like a birth. She is in the birth canal now waiting for the light to open up. It’s happening now. There’s not enough time for her to make any changes because it’s happening so soon. earth time is slow. She cannot do anything on Earth time now except be and experience the ride that she has wanted.

Will she stay and experience earth for awhile after this transition or will she go off to her next assignment right away?

Gaia has a lot of healing. This is just the first step with the light. There will be much that needs to be healed still. She will stay here and help out. She still stays to help. This is an exciting time. The portal opening, she can travel wherever she wants to, so can anyone with the portal opening, but she will stay here because it is an exciting time to help others awaken, to know that they can travel too and that they are free of their bondage

Do you wish to tell her anything about how she can tap into the love that she felt for humanity in her last regression? She’d like to experience that everyday.

That was her door to the future that we showed her a glimpse of – it is happening now. She knows that she will feel that love. She feels it now. It will just get stronger as the experience continues because she will be brought out of her dense body into the light body. As the light body arrives, the love can flow in easier and it will flow in for everyone. They have been so dense and held down for so long they forgot what the love was like, but as they are raised up in vibration with the light and their DNA is connected, it will flow into them also as one big happy family.

She said she was having such a difficult time connecting with a lot of people. family, friends, coworkers. Can you help her understand that?

It is her frequency vibration. She knows this her frequency vibration has to resonate within a range of the frequency vibration to those around her in order for her to connect. If she is not in the range that they are, she will not connect with them. Some are here with their frequencies so low that she will not lower her down to connect with theirs. She cannot. Once the frequency is so low it takes a lot of work to raise it up. She has worked hard to raise hers up. She knows she cannot lower hers sometimes to meet with others. It is nothing that she is doing externally. It has nothing with her personality. It is nothing with her likeability. it is just the way it is. It’s a vibrational matter so to speak and she understands that but she doesn’t want to accept that. She needs to learn that she has to think in a higher frequency instead of the lower frequency 3D frequency. Sometimes it’s difficult for her because there are not many that are in her same frequency, but soon there will be.

Do you have any final messages for client today?

We tell her she is doing well. She is doing what she came here to do, to have the love, the excitement, to have the full experience of this because this experience cannot be experienced anywhere else it is unique. Others who are here having this unique experience can then share it with others in their home. They will know then that this was truly unique. It is all good and it’s happening as we speak. It’s happening now – be patient and sit back. It is like your roller coaster. She is strapped in the front seat where she wanted to be. She waited for that front seat, many, many, many, many lifetimes She waited for it. Now she’s there. She knows what the end will be. She needs to enjoy the ride, enjoy the thrills and know that it will bring her to a good place once the ride is over during this time.

Thank you. Thank you.

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Logarth lives close to the Ocean in NSW, Australia. He is an Angelic Reiki Energy Healer and a Lightworker. He lives his life quietly while continuing on his spiritual journey.