I AM Affirmation 528Hz Solfeggio Tone for Transformation and Miracles

I am bathing in a river of courage and strength. I am taking a shower of inner peace. I am intuitively guided by my soul and the universe.

I am surprising myself every day by how calm I am.

I am brimming with energy. I am making all the right choices. Even the choices that don’t seem right are the right choices.

I am always protected by my higher self. I am grateful for this sense of wellbeing that fills my consciousness every day.

I am opening my heart to universal love. I am pure life force in human body.

I am life.

Whatever I am experiencing in life I choose to flow with it because that makes it so much easier and interesting. I’m flexible to changes happening in life. The more accepting of change, the easier it feels. Change is a natural aspect of life. It is a sign of life, and I choose to live…
Source:  https://youtu.be/R-t8q-e6OGE