Crop circles have been a mystery for people for a long time. There has been a lot of speculation that extraterrestrials are communicating with the human race.

The creation of crop circles cannot happen as a result of extraterrestrials because of the amount of pressure contained within the Higgs field here on Earth — and in the 3rd dimension where we exist. The Higgs field is Universal Consciousness and is attached to planet Earth to help Earth and all life here evolve. There is a very powerful concentration of light and dark energy contained within the Milky Way galaxy, because of how old this galaxy is and its location in existence. Also Earth is on a 24-hour rotation of day and night, so there is a constant exchange of the mixture of light and dark energy. Because of polarity, when combined they create pressure.

Because of the level of pressure contained within the Higgs field in planet Earth’s environment, consciousness and energy from another source cannot be transferred inward onto planet Earth. Extraterrestrial activity is billions or trillions of light years away and it would take a very long time for that energy to transfer into planet Earth.

Through my work in metaphysics, I recently discovered that crop circles are actually coming from planet Earth.

Consciousness and energy
Planet Earth has a consciousness. Earth supports consciousness and energy. Universal Consciousness is the Higgs field, and it supports planet Earth’s consciousness and all living organisms here on Earth. All consciousness and energy are connected through the Higgs field on this planet.

Picture your own consciousness and different manifestations of thought that are occurring. Some aspects of your thought process are more dominant than others. The human race is part of the thought process contained within planet Earth’s structure. There are a lot of different aspects of consciousness and energy contained within the human race. There are powerful, creative people who create art for other people to appreciate and enjoy.

The Higgs field — Universal Consciousness — is evolving here, and this is what is facilitating the current shift in consciousness. This is causing Earth’s consciousness to evolve and advance. This is going to have a very powerful and profound affect on all life here, producing remarkable changes. The Higgs field contains information and energy associated with this information. All the information and energy contained within human beings is also incorporated into planet Earth’s consciousness.

Human beings and all life forms here contain light and dark energy from the absorption of day and night. Also, all life here contains these two forms of energy, because everyone and everything is attached to the universe. The combination of these two forms of energy creates pressure in the body in a very powerful way. This repels a lot of consciousness and energy from the Higgs field away from the body, so everything actually feels empty and separated within Earth’s environment. As the Higgs field evolves, it will produce a more powerful consciousness and energy within all living organisms on Earth. This is how the shift will happen.

If you think about something that contains relative importance, it transfers energy throughout your cerebral cortex through neurotransmitter activity and this is generated by pressure and electrical output.

Intricate designs
Crop circles and other impressions that leave intricate designs are a beautiful and creative form of communication. This phenomenon is actually planet Earth communicating through consciousness and energy with human beings.

Let me explain how this happens. Earth’s consciousness and energy is very powerful. Billions of different aspects of thought are contained within its consciousness. Earth can manifest something within the structure of world consciousness, and Earth can generate energy contained within the Higgs field associated with a particular form of thought. Then Earth can transfer this information and energy through the Higgs field very quickly towards the surface, creating an enormous amount of pressure.

The reason this happens with crops is because Earth chooses this application. Crops are very light and very dense. It’s very easy for impressions to be created from the transfer of energy and pressure.

Earth is communicating with the human race with beauty and creativity, saying, “Hello, all of you. I am here!” The human race is contained on a very powerful living organism with a wonderful consciousness. There are a multitude of things happening here that human beings are not aware of because people are in the early stages of the evolution of consciousness.

Different types of designs are created by Earth in crops and they all have to do with the evolution of consciousness. There is going to be a revealing of the truth soon through an apocalyptic event and then the human race will understand how everything works here.

Human consciousness has actually been in somewhat of an infantile state in reference to how everything works in existence in its entirety. As the shift in consciousness gets more powerful, the Higgs field will continue to evolve here and Universal Consciousness and energy will transfer into human beings and other life forms on the planet. When this happens, the truth about everything will be revealed.

The powerful truth that will surface is how beautiful, wonderful, special and powerful Earth’s consciousness is and what Earth means to the rest of existence. Through crop circles, Earth is communicating with the human race with its beauty and power.

Article by Sean McCleary


Sean McCleary

Sean McCleary has been writing extensively on metaphysics since he heard about the shift in consciousness. He is an explorer of divinity. In 2010 he saw the photograph taken by NASA of the cross in the core of the Whirlpool galaxy, and in 2012 he heard about the discovery of the Higgs boson. He knew there was a correlation between the two and the shift in consciousness that he had been researching and writing about. He just finished writing a book, Earth’s Miracle through the Paradigm Shift. Contact Sean at and visit