Ways to Raise your Vibrational Frequency

We are all energy and vibrate. Everything has a vibration, and everyone vibrates at a different level of frequency. It changes all the time, but it is important to know that we can have some control over it.

Energy is all about vibration and frequency. That’s where we get the word ‘vibe’ from. How many times have you heard people say things like: ‘I get bad vibes from him,’ ‘That guy gives me the ‘creeps,’ ‘This house has a great vibe!’ or ‘That hallways gives me the heeby jeebies!’

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Breathing Like a Buddhist Monk & How to Do It

Each day, we take about 23,000 breaths.
Because it’s something we do automatically, most of us don’t think about our breath much—if at all.

And yet, in something as simple as the act of breathing, I’ve found a proven resource for cultivating mental agility and focus while countering the adverse effects of chronic stress and anxiety on my mind.

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