Spirit Art – What it is, How to Practice and How it Comes Through for Artists.

Depending on what your gifts are, some art forms will come through clairvoyant channels (as in, you’ll receive what needs to be brought through via vision or dream), and others come through via clairaudient and claircognizant channels, meaning you’ll receive what needs to come through via thought form or message. Sometimes seen as written words or visions. 

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A Pleiadian Channelled Message: This is Your Time to Shine Forth

“….As a group, you are destined to birth a collective energetic frequency between you, which you, as a group, will hold steady for all of humanity. These groups are predestined to complete this process after the New Year.
Each one of you on the path are being asked to be conscious of connections to others at this time, in readiness for this important stepping stone. This step is a self-realization process. This is you fulfilling an aspect of your mission that you have pre-agreed to be a part of now.

Some groups are already together and others are needed to join in to complete your group frequency. Be open-minded and encourage others into your group base in order for you to complete your group frequency. These frequency patterns collectively will be birthed together, interweaving on a global scale forming a web around Earth. They will collectively play an integral part of the destiny of your planet’s transformational next step to realign within the universal consciousness.”

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