Learning to see Your Aura the Easy Way

Did you know that learning the art of seeing your aura or someone elses aura is one of the easiest abilities to accomplish?

In this article, I will teach you about the auric energy field and how you can see yours and someone else’s. It is also one of the fastest abilities to learn, so when developing your psychic abilities make sure this is your first ability you develop. As developing this ability will become useful later when developing clairvoyance and also mediumship.


What is an Aura?

Everything around us is energy, we are energy. We all have around our human bodies an electromagnetic field. This electromagnetic field is known as the human auric energy field “Aura” for short. This emanates between six to eighteen inches around our physical body. The human aura field radiates certain colors to reflect our well being, you ever heard the expression “wow you have an aura about you”.

The colors change frequently in our auric field when we are happy, emotional, feeling ill and also brighter colors like white, gold and purple are the spiritual colors. If you are lucky to have these colors in your aura you are psychic. Even tho everyone is psychic just some of us are more attuned to our abilities. Below I will give a few exercises for you to try from feeling the aura, adjusting your eyes exercise and seeing the aura.

Feeling the Auras Energy

Before you jump right in and start seeing your aura, it is important to know what it feels like. So I will give you a quick easy method of doing this. Fairly simple and easy to sense and feel your aura, place your hands together as tho you were going to pray.

Now, briskly rub them together slowly and build up the pace with a little pressure. Not to much pressure as you don’t want to hurt your self. Rub them as tho you are trying to warm your hands up.

Once you have done this for a short while now I want you to stop… Now, slowly pull your hands apart but still have your palms facing one another. Make sure there is about 5-inch gap in between your palms now, and then very slowly try and bring your hands together again. Do this slowly and you will feel the energy which is building up. This is the aura you can feel of the magnetic energy which is causing you to feel pressure when trying to place your hands together.

Adjusting Your Eyes Exercise

Adjusting your eyes in certain exercises can help with seeing the aura. As this strengthens the eye muscles which you would not normally use. Take a look at this image above and do not look anywhere else ONLY the black dot. Keep it in your view and stare for 30 seconds, don’t worry it is not a trick photo where something jumps out this exercise helps strengthen your eyes for seeing the aura.

Stare at the black dot and nowhere else for around 30 seconds. Your Peripheral sensors will be starting to stimulate when doing this correctly, you will begin to get color sensations. The longer you do this the much brighter the aura becomes on the images. We will call the red circle and the blue circle the aura for an example. Practice this a few times and you will notice your senses are becoming more heightened. Try it a few times, remember if your eyes do start to hurt then you are doing too much and will need to take a break from it.

Seeing Your Aura around your Hand

Seeing your aura for the first time can be exciting when you first start to view the auric field it may take time to see some of the colors. Practice makes perfect, absolutely true just practice daily and you soon get the hang of it. The best way of seeing the aura before viewing it around your whole body or others body is using your hand. Yes, this is an easy method and I will teach you how to do this now.

Find a white background or even some plain paper, place your hand palm down on the paper flat. Now raise your and a little bit just so your hand is hovering over the paper or background. Slightly part your fingers now all you need to do is stare in between the gaps of the fingers, keep doing this for a while. After a little while, you may start to see a glow around your fingers. Don’t shift your gaze, don’t look at the fingers only in between them and the glow will appear. If nothing is happening keep your gaze but shift your focus in and out. Like we would with a camera with the lens to make it blurry and adjust to clear. Do this with your eyes not too much as you don’t want to strain your eyes.

Practice daily doing this and in time you may start to see other colors. Once you have mastered this then move on to the next exercise the Mirror.

Mirror Exercise

You will need to start by dimming the lights as you need to do this not too bright or too dark. The lights should be dim, also standing or sitting in front of a white background. Now, stare at your self in the mirror pay attention to your shoulders and remain focused on your shoulders. Keep changing your focus if you need to and just stare. Using soft gaze works great and after a little while, you will start to see another glow around you, if not then have a rest and try again later.

If you succeeded then excellent work, you have now seen your aura. Keep practicing this as it will help strengthen the eyes to see the auric field more easily. You can also practice doing this with a partner without the mirror. Just get them to stand in front of a white background with a dim lit room. Play around with it try different things, even try on a plant.

Recommended Read

If you want to absorb as much information on auras and energy’s then I recommend this book. Auras How to see, feel and know by Embrosewyn Tazkuvel, which learns many different ways on how you can feel the energy field of your aura. The author also goes into detailed exercises to help the beginners to see the aura and as well as the meanings.


Source:  https://spiritmind.co.uk




Logarth lives close to the Ocean in NSW, Australia. He is an Angelic Reiki Energy Healer and a Lightworker. He lives his life quietly while continuing on his spiritual journey.