The Species With Amnesia Series – The Greatest Story Never Told (YouTube)

This 29 episode series, is a simplified synthesis of many concepts and ideas, pertaining to Neohumanism. They are strung together in a cohesive narrative that anyone can follow. It is split into 3 acts. (Episodes 1-12) (Episodes 13-21) (Episodes 22-29)

I begin the series by outlining the problems of our current civilization; economic, cultural, environmental, political and architectural. I hint at the solutions, which will come into play during the final act. But, then I explore the fact that we as a species, have no idea who or what we are. Diving into the evidence suggesting that we as species reached a global civilization once before, with advanced in technology matching or surpassing our own.

But, this civilization was struck down in catastrophe during the end of the last ice age. A cosmic impact — whether that be a comet or a coronal mass ejection, or both — devastated the ice sheets that covered the northern hemisphere of the Earth. This catastrophic event wiped out all the many species of megafauna that once roamed these lands. We see evidence of this cosmic impact throughout the northern hemisphere of the Earth. The Carolina Bays, the Channeled Scablands, and the Hudson Bay anomalies. (Many more sites — including those in Western Europe, Turkey and Russia — are currently being investigated).

Catastrophe eliminated almost all traces of this advanced civilization that we all descend from. However, some clues remain. Such as the Great Pyramids of the World, Gobekli Tepe, Gunung Padang, Mayan/Egyptian/Mesopotamian literature and the statues of Easter Island.
Traditions and Religions around the world carry down myths of great catastrophe that wiped out their ancestors. These Catastrophes all include, Great Floods and Comet Impacts. Which they described using their limited frame of reference, leading to the texts that describe these natural phenomena as deities.

Our ancestors, who inhabited this civilization, showcased that they possessed a deep understanding pertaining to the nature of reality. They showcase through their illustrations of Sacred Geometry, that they passed down systems of knowledge that stem from this Advanced Civilization. We explore how Sacred Geometry or Sacred Science, acknowledges that the Universe is made of forces which have an intimate relationship to one another. And, they encoded the numerical values of Sacred Sciences into their architecture.

A key aspect about these supposedly unconnected megalithic sites, is that they all measure a cycle of time known as the Precession of the Equinoxes, which all pinpoint to a specific period of time: The Golden Age. 12,500 years ago.

The catastrophe that brought this Golden Age to an end, marks the point in history where our species fell from greatness. An age of darkness ensues. Humans, after many generations living in post-apocalyptic conditions, forgot who we were. History became legend, legend became myth, and somethings that should not have been forgotten, were lost. We are still within that age of darkness. But, the light has sparked.

Around the world, people are questioning their established belief systems as well as their established systems of government. Humans are realizing that the world is in a state of injustice. Injustice to all life. Our materialistic way of life — which realistically has only been prevalent since the FALL of our species — is detrimental not only to ourselves, but to the planet.

Coal, fossil fuel, and nuclear energy; all are detrimental to the planet.
They could and should be replaced with THORIUM-based reactors, Geothermal Power, Solar, Tidal and Wind Power.

The educational systems could and should be replaced with a revolutionized educational system that incorporates all aspects of life into it’s teachings and curriculums. What I mean, very simply, is to have school stimulate the creative nature that is already within all children. All children want to learn, they ask questions and love learning through interaction. Rather than bore them to death with mundane teaching methods designed by cerebral insufficients.

It is through education and the understanding of all sciences, will we humble ourselves to the mysteries of life.

What you will find by doing your own research is that there are forces that have invested into controlling and subduing humanity. By having us live in this “matrix”. Relying on the fact that people accept the world in which they have been presented. Distracting the human race, while they and their “royal families” may live the life that ALL human beings would be living if the monetary system did not exist.

What you will find is that the cultural movement of the 1960’s was the first time that the human spirit attempted to break out of the cage. Our rediscovery of Psychedelics such as Ayahuasca, will be the spark that lights the flame that burns the tyrannical forces down.

It was these substances that aided humanity’s evolution to begin with and it will be these substances that will push for a cultural shift, which will lead to a political shift, which will lead to a paradigm shift, and ultimately a shift in power and city design.

Watch and research before you judge. Enjoy.

This documentary series is based on the INDIVIDUAL works of:

Graham Hancock
John Anthony West
Robert Bauval
Robert Schoch
René Adolphe Schwaller de Lubicz
Randall Carlson
Giorgio de Santillana
Malcolm LeCompte
Raj Ramesar
David Reich
Mait Metspalu
Danny Hilman Natawidjaja
Jacque Fresco
Peter Joseph
Ashra Kwesi
Klaus Schmidt
David Icke
Buckminster Fuller
Frances A. Yates
Julius Evola
Rick Strassman
Terence Mckenna
Paul Stamets
Rupert Sheldrake
Ralph Abraham
Laird Scranton
Alex Grey
Eamonn Healy
Robert Anton Wilson
Allan Watts
Masaru Emoto
Luc Montagnier
George Carlin
Bill Hicks
Immortal Technique
The Angry Hippie

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A Pleiadian Channelled Message: This is Your Time to Shine Forth

“….As a group, you are destined to birth a collective energetic frequency between you, which you, as a group, will hold steady for all of humanity. These groups are predestined to complete this process after the New Year.
Each one of you on the path are being asked to be conscious of connections to others at this time, in readiness for this important stepping stone. This step is a self-realization process. This is you fulfilling an aspect of your mission that you have pre-agreed to be a part of now.

Some groups are already together and others are needed to join in to complete your group frequency. Be open-minded and encourage others into your group base in order for you to complete your group frequency. These frequency patterns collectively will be birthed together, interweaving on a global scale forming a web around Earth. They will collectively play an integral part of the destiny of your planet’s transformational next step to realign within the universal consciousness.”

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A Pleiadian Channelled Message: Supporting Your Self-Resurrection

You can actually choose to change your programmed reaction to fear. Instead of allowing this feeling to stop you, like a red light, you can choose to see fear as a signal to move ahead, like a green light. By choosing to change your response to fear, you will transform your life. You will break old cycles of illusion that will shift you entire perception of possibility. By having the direct experience of fear simply dissolve as you move forward, you begin to realize this feeling of fear has no actual power over you. Each time you change your response to the fear, you liberate yourself.

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Receive a FREE eBook of Kyle Gray’s Book ‘Angels’

Kyle Gray is one of the world’s youngest, most sought-after angel experts. He discovered his spiritual gifts at the tender age of four and now dedicates his life to helping others tune in to their own intuitive talents. In this book, Kyle teaches readers how to connect with the angels and bring their divine, loving presence into all areas of life for powerful transformations.

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Breathing Like a Buddhist Monk & How to Do It

Each day, we take about 23,000 breaths.
Because it’s something we do automatically, most of us don’t think about our breath much—if at all.

And yet, in something as simple as the act of breathing, I’ve found a proven resource for cultivating mental agility and focus while countering the adverse effects of chronic stress and anxiety on my mind.

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YouTube – The Wayseer Manifesto (A Call to Action – an Anthem)

All over the world there are Wayseers who struggle, who hide their gifts, because they don’t realize what they are. We are here to find Wayseers throughout the world and let them know how important they are to humanity. We are here to turn Wayseers on to their rare aptitude for leading transformation.

When the Wayseers of the world are awakened to their true calling on this planet, a massive shift in the human condition will occur. Wayseers are the change agents of humanity – the innovators, the healers, the visionaries, the spiritual leaders, the entrepreneurs, the ones who are here to lead humanity into alignment with the Way.

We calculate there to be 700 Million Wayseers worldwide. That’s about 10% of the world population. We have already reached a few hundred thousand. You can help us reach many more. You already know in your heart who the Wayseers are in your life; please share this movement with them…

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Promote Wellbeing and Better Health by Walking Barefoot on the Earth

When you put your bare feet on the ground, you absorb large amounts of negative electrons through the soles of your feet
These free electrons act as antioxidants in your body and help to reduce chronic inflammation, the root of many chronic diseases
Through the simple act of walking barefoot on the Earth and making a point to stay grounded when you’re indoors, it may be possible to thwart chronic diseases and even slow ageing

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